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Hi! I'm Coach Peter Brown

Coach Peter Brown presenting on his transformation to a class of level 3 Metabolic Precision Trainers

I've walked the winding path of fitness and nutrition, just like you. From a former "fat boy" struggling with quick fixes, I discovered that true transformation isn't about deprivation or half-commitments; it's about finding the right guidance and working on the right things.

I've been through the ups and downs, the confusion, frustration and set backs. The pivotal change I made in my journey was getting a coach. That experience ignited my passion to help you achieve your goals, not just on the surface but by transforming your mindset, habits, and metabolism.

I don't believe in shortcuts. I craft personalised roadmaps for your journey, based on your metabolism, respecting your unique needs and goals. I'll help you break free from old patterns and embrace a holistic approach that leads to lasting results.

I've walked this path, and I'm here to walk it with you.


Get the help you actually need

There are thousands of influencers and trainers who will tell you all you need is a calorie deficit and a meal plan, here's what sets me apart

Coach Peter Brown running stairs and burning fat

Transform With a Coach Who's Been There

Unlike cookie-cutter programs, I've walked the path from a former "fat boy" to a high-performance man. With my personal journey as the foundation, I'll guide you through a transformation that respects your body, empowers your mindset, and ensures lasting results.

Coach Peter Brown proudly holding his daughters at the local pool

Holistic Transformation Beyond Quick Fixes

Break free from the cycle of half-commitments and quick fixes. Experience a holistic journey that focuses on empowering habits, sustainable nutrition, and mindset shifts. Together, we'll craft a personalized roadmap that transforms your body and enriches your life.

Coach Peter Brown single leg deadlift

Unlock Your Full Potential

It's time to achieve more than just physical changes. Our coaching goes beyond the surface, helping you reclaim your inner athlete, build lasting habits, and ignite your passion for life. Join a community that empowers you to become the best version of yourself, inside and out.


Why personal coaching

With personal coaching you get a tailored approach, held accountable, and empowered. We overcome obstacles together, achieve holistic results, and sustain progress.

  • Break Plateaus: Personal coaching provides tailored strategies to overcome weight loss plateaus, reigniting progress and achieving new results.

  • Clear Guidance: Personal coaching cuts through confusion, offering a customised plan that aligns with your unique needs, leading to effective fat loss.

  • Accountability Partner: With personal coaching, you gain a supportive guide who keeps you motivated, accountable, and empowered to conquer challenges.

  • Sustainable Success: Say goodbye to quick fixes. Personal coaching offers a long-term, individualised approach that ensures lasting fat loss and lifestyle transformation.

Dedicated Attention

Weekly check in calls and an open inbox create personalised guidance for guaranteed success.

Rep Max Training

Experience rapid strength gains and changes in body shape like you've never seen before. 

Progress Tracking

Remain motivated and excited every time you achieve a PB in the gym or a habit streak through the week

Habits & Lifestyle

Take back control from the easy dopamine hits of everyday life, stop spending on alcohol, takeaway and lock in your results

Checkout some of my success stories

Listen to some of my clients testimonials and what they have to say about my coaching

Sam loses 5kg in 12 weeks and overcomes injuries on his journey back to fighting Muay Thai 

Andy rebuilds his body after cancer treatment and finds strength in the gym after losing all of his muscle.

Frank knows what to do to transform his body but couldn't piece together all the moving parts until he found a coach


Some of the common questions my clients have

Isn't Personalised Coaching Really Expensive?

Do you have spending habits that are currently keeping your body tired and fat whilst keeping your bank account lean? With my personalised coaching not only will you get a lean body, you'll save on shitty spending habits like Uber eats, unplanned take-out, beers for no reason. And, within 28 days you'll be so hyper-productive you'll magically convert all of that fat into bank account fat. A client of mine last year did $1 million dollars in business sales that they attribute their success to being healthier and higher performing. Being a Man 2.0 in today's world means finding high value people and bringing them into your life. I currently have 2 coaches and I've have several in the past. They've always helped me level up my life 

I Fear That I Might Let Myself down

I hear you mate, you haven't had a win in a while and the losses have built up into this big ugly self doubter sitting on your shoulder whispering in your ear. The remedy for that is getting some quick wins. My entire coaching philosophy is built on quick & easy wins first. Together we will identify the easiest win you can tackle that will have the biggest impact on your physical and mental health. Each week we follow the same process of identifying, tackling and winning. All you need to do is show up and I'll steer you in the right direction. Being a Man 2.0 in today's world means being able to feel the fear and do it anyway.

Work & Life Is Really Busy Right Now

Life is and always will be busy. When I hear "I don't have time" I simply hear that you don't have the right skills or habits to maintain a fit, strong and energetic body with the little time you do have. Open up screen time on your phone and take a look at how much time you're spending on it each day. Working with my clients I regularly see their screen time drop by 2 hours a day after implementing my testosterone recharge methods at night. They save time in the kitchen as well by learning simple cooking hacks, there's no more racing down the shops, standing in a line for food or waiting for an uber delivery guy because food is readily available. And they save time in the gym by doubling their intensity and cutting their training times back from an hour to just over 30 minutes. Being a Man 2.0 means being able to maintain a peak physique amongst today's distractions and I teach you how to do that.

I've Failed So Many Times Before, What Makes This Time Different?

In my 20s I searched high and low for fat loss tips and muscle building hacks. I was led down several rabbit holes reading Bodybuilding.com forums, T-Nation articles and trying my best to keep up with Arnold Schwarzenegger workouts. In the space of 3 years I lost 20kg and gained 25kg several times, shifting a total of 100kg+ in that period. I was on the brink of giving up when I came across Dr Paul Cribb and had I based my future outcomes on past failures I wouldn't be where I am today. Did I fail after finding the path that eventually gave me control over my body? Yes, and Paul had to have a stern word with me. It was at that point I realised I was the problem and I had to listen to my coach with complete conviction if I was going to ever fix this problem I so desperately wanted to fix. The 2.0 version on yourself would tell you the same thing.

I've Been Burn't By Online Coaches In The Past. Why Should I Trust You?

I'm sorry to hear you've been burnt in the past. You have no reason to trust me and I wouldn't trust me either at first. So here's what I would do. I would first check this guy out on all of his socials (I'll link them below). The next thing I would do is go through all of his posts and try to extract as much value from them as I could. Once I've done that I would engage with him in a conversation either via direct message or by booking a call. Then, I would just go with my gut. My Game Plan Calls are not a cleverly disguised sales call, it's an opportunity to earn your trust by giving value up front. You'll get a clear picture of your exact starting point, the habits that are impacting your metabolism and causing the undesirable body you have. We'll create a game plan based on your starting point and the goals you have. Then if you want to be held accountable to that plan and fast track your results we can talk about the best accountability and support program for you. We will agree on a realistic time frame for achieving your goal and clearly lay out the finacial commitment so you know exactly how much you'll be investing to acheive a life time of results.


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Are you ready to get started and be your best self?

Book a free game plan call and have your metabolism assessed to get the personalised advice you need. You will not have to look back after this...


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